Is It Right For All The Family To Have Access To The Internet?

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So we love technology, and clearly as the owners of an online blog, we’re pretty happy that the internet is a thing too and we are embracing it massively and encouraging our boy to do the same. But the Internet is a major bone of contention in so many families. Should we resist it any longer?

For all ages using tech appears to a big part of our lives now. Is it something that we should view as an essential part of our lives now, or is it a problem that we are so reliant on using tech, but we don’t know how to communicate with each other anymore? Let’s look at the positive sides because there are loads!

The impact it has on children

A lot has been said about the mobile phone signalling the end of human conversation, but if you weigh up the pros and cons for your children, it is a valuable learning tool when it is used properly! Of course it has its dangers, when a child is left alone with the Internet, but it’s easy to over come with a bit of research and common sense. If we use the Internet for positive purposes, then it can be a wealth of information that they can take with them to school and further on in their educational journeys. Places like Wikipedia have revolutionised the way homework is done across the world. The Internet has been used to great effect in the classroom too. When children work together to use the Internet for research, they are able to find the correct answers quickly. Of course now with so many different security tools it’s possible to direct your children away from the more questionable sites online with relative ease and reliability.

The entertainment side

With tools like Amazon Prime and Netflix now, the choice of entertainment has never been wider and it is more likely for you to find a show that pleases the whole family. It seems that now the activity of sitting around the television as a family has been replaced by sitting around the streaming service! Streaming is still an issue in some places, but now with the increased 1gb broadband speeds being offered as a free upgrade and being touted as a faster alternative to fibre broadband, it now means that people are more likely to choose their TV shows. This is better than sitting around, and waiting for something to come on that catches their fancy.

The options for working parents

The great thing now is that we can do most of our work from home if we have an emergency due to issues such as childcare or illness, we are able to get much more done by simply powering up the laptop and sitting down in front of the television. Whether this means people are more productive or not remains to be seen, but it means that we are a lot more communicative with our bosses in work and as the Internet lends itself so well to programs like instant messenger and Skype we are always in the loop.

While a lot of people are lamenting the Internet as the reason society is becoming stupider, this might simply just be the view of a select few. For the whole family, the Internet is an excellent tool to help you learn to work from home and of course to watch those all-important box sets! While there is a lot of a bad content on the Internet, it’s important to remember there’s a lot of good too.


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