Seven Summer Treats For Your Holiday

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summer treats

Well that’s it – the school holidays have started and summer is officially upon us. Let’s just ignore all of the thunderstorms and impending rain and enjoy the hell out of it. It’s super likely that a lot of you will be jetting off to all sorts of exotic locations on your summer holidays, so we’ve teams up with name badges retailer Badgemaster to bring your our top seven summer treats just for you!

Whether you’re lounging in the pool, having a barbecue in your back garden or looking for ways to entertain the little ones whilst they’re off school, we have something for everyone on this list of awesome. 

A funky pool float

People are upping their poolside inflatables this year – you can float about on pineapples, pizza slices watermelons and unicorns while soaking up some much-needed rays. New Look has a great collection – they even have inflatable drinks floats so your cocktail can float alongside you. The favourites we saw on holiday were flamingos… massive, huge, ridiculous flamingos.

Light up your garden

For lazy, hazy nights in the garden with your friends, you can create a magical atmosphere with beautiful solar lights around your garden. Solar fairy lights are the prettiest – and come in all sorts of guises – from pretty shapes and colours, to more traditional lanterns. Lights 4 Fun has some good choices.

Summer-themed beach bags

You’re not likely to go to the beach at any other time, right? Then why not make your beach bag ultra summery to maximise on the sunny vibes. ASOS has a great collection – there’s everything from deckchair stripes to pom poms and pineapple-covered woven bags. Time to hit the beach!

summer treats

Polish up

Treating yourself to a new nail polish will help you embrace summer at the lowest of costs. Choose from juicy oranges and lemons, or go full ice cream colours with pale mints, blues and pinks and have a constant reminder of summer fun times. Barry M nail paint is a classic.

Put a lid on it

Summer lets you embrace your most glamorous of selves and pop on a massive sun hat to make you feel fabulous. From understated trilby hats, floppy hats and cowboy hats, they are an essential treat for those looking for extra style – and protection from the sun.  The ones at Accessorize are our faves.

Smarter ice cubes

The one thing that can make refreshing coolers and cocktails more delicious? Ice cubes that don’t melt and dilute our drinks. Now you can buy freezable cubes that chill drinks without diluting them. We love these fruit ice cubes from Lakeland – perfect for cocktails.

Paddling pool

Paddling pools don’t have to be a thing from your childhood – and you can grab some pooly bargains at Tesco Direct. They don’t take up much space, so fill ‘em up, kick back and relax in your garden. Short Rib loves his – it’s simple, it’s not messy and it helps keep the little ones cool in the heat. 


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