Short Rib’s Dream Room

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The ultimate dream for each family is to own their own home and make it their own. Putting your own stamp on your living space is massively important. We are no different in this sense, but at the minute we only rent our home, so the scope for improvement is… very small. Still, a girl can dream and that’s just what I’m going to do – These are my picks for Short Rib’s room, if I had totally my own way.

At this stage, I would like to qualify that this is one of those posts where money means nothing, so some of the things I’m about to list are… ridiculous. Some very reasonable but some absolutely aren’t. If you’re looking for real interior tips, you’re probably not on the right blog.


So my first ridiculous purchase would definitely be this pirate ship bed from for the cool price tag of $14,250. I mean, yes I know it’s outrageous but look how freaking cool that is. A proper pirate ship to sleep in. I’d like to think it’s got a built in wave simulator to help Short Rib sleep but, realistically, value for money is not to be had with this item. Still it’s THE coolest bed I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t ever justify its price but it’s SO cool.


So pirate ship bed? Why not a fish tank mounted onto the wall just to add to the sea feel? At a less ridiculous price, you can provide a home for our seafaring friends on your child’s bedroom wall. The humming of the filter sending the little critter to sleep, that pet they’ve always been nagging for and it perfectly suits your fourteen grand bed. No brainer.


Know what film had a pirate ship? Peter freaking Pan. So get that awesome flying pirate ship hanging from the ceiling (see the theme here?) with this awesome lightshade from the guys at – again, getting less ridiculous on price but not lacking in amazeballs. I might even get this for our room… just because it’s super dreamy. Actually, just check out the website because I think I want one of everything.


At the minute, we have an issue with Mason’s curtains and the fact they’re useless. The tiniest bit of light comes seeping through at unforgiving hours and because the house isn’t ours, we are a bit loathed to get rid of them. So we’ve been looking into getting a blackout blind for the little man and we’ve found that the range over at VELUX Blinds is pretty outstanding. They have some amazing Disney designs that are definitely my sort of thing (might be a little Disney obsessed). There aren’t any Peter Pan designs yet, but there is one of Mickey basically gesturing for your child to be quiet – which is frankly a must in any child’s bedroom.


Last but by no means least… you need somewhere for all of their stuff. Because if they’re anything like Short Rib, they always have too much stuff. Ideally, we’d have a treasure chest as a toy box like the one over at which is gorgeous (pricey though, naturally!) and can also be customised with your landlubber’s name! CUUUUUUTE!

So there you have it! My picks for the dream room for Short Rib… even if there are some truly outrageous picks in there, and even if he’s shown no interest in being a pirate. What would you have in your little one’s room if money were no object? Let us know in the comments and maybe we’ll do another fun post based on your suggestion!


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.



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