Slimming World – The Five Best Chocolate Bars For Your Syns

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So, as you know we’re back on Slimming World and I’m forever rifling through the book to see what I can have when I have the intense cravings for chocolate, which is my biggest weakness next to takeaways. Believe me when I say I’ve done a lot of research in this category and here I give you the rundown of what I think are the best chocolate bars for your syns.

If you’re going to spend them, it might as well be worth it.

As a chocoholic, my tip for anyone following the plan and wanting chocolate as part of their syn allowance is to buy a multipack of their favourite bars and exercise some self-restraint in not eating the lot in one sitting. Multipack bars are smaller than normal ones as well as far cheaper than buying individual ones. You don’t really notice the size difference and will save a couple of syns a pop for the couple of grams of chocolate.

  • Crunchie: 7.5 syns for a multipack bar (32g) or 9.5 syns for a full size (40g) bar

Crunchies were never on my radar when I was younger, except at Christmas when they were inevitably in some of the twenty-odd selection boxes that would appear in your house on Christmas Day. As an adult however, I’ve come to enjoy them more and more, not just because I’ve stopped trying to eat all of the chocolate on the outside first but because I realise the value of finding that extra bit of honeycomb you’d forgotten about in your back teeth an hour after you’ve finished the damn thing.

  • Cadbury’s Flake: 7 syns for a multipack bar (25.5g) or 8.5 syns for a full size bar (32g)

Okay not as economical on syns as a Crunchie, but that’s because this one is pure chocolate. Just don’t waste a single bit of it. Open it over tin foil (because they don’t do them in that weird packaging anymore) and make sure that any flakes are caught. That way once the main event is devoured, you can then drag out the event by trying to eat as much of the debris as possible. Don’t be short changing yourself on the milky, chocolatey goodness now.

  • Smarties: 9 syns per tube (38g)

I know, it’s not a bar and I know 38g sounds a completely pitiful amount but anyone who isn’t satisfied by a tube of Smarties isn’t worth knowing. True story. The best thing about Smarties is that you can make them last by eating one at a time and sucking the shell off, leaving the chocolate inside already melted. That is, if you’re not a glutton like me. I can fit that entire tube in my mouth at once. Believe me, I’ve done the research. Life is too short to suck on Smarties but if that’s what you’re into, they’re a good choice.

  • Milkybar: 3.5 syns for a mini (12g) bar or 7 syns per full size bar (25g)

I love white chocolate. Possibly more than I do milk chocolate. So it’s pretty awesome that you can have a full sized Milkybar for 7 syns. Alright it’s far lighter than your average, but it LOOKS bigger and that’s what matters, right? Why you’d want to even bother with a 12g chocolate bar though, I don’t really know. Is it worth even picking up anything that weighs 12 grams? Honestly?

  • Curly Wurly: 6 syns for a full size (26g) bar

This is basically the holy grail for a lot of people on Slimming World who love a bit of chocolate and you can see why. Just try eating one quickly. Not happening. Again a bit like a flake you might want something to catch the chocolate that you will undoubtedly drop whilst wrestling with the caramel, but believe me it’s worth it. I think it might only be 6 syns because you work off half of the calories trying to pull the thing away from your mouth. If you aren’t satisfied with that though, try one frozen. No, I’m not kidding. It’s delicious and takes ages to finish. BEST. SIX. SYNS. EVAR.

Of course, you only have 15 syns per day and sometimes, you need ‘em for other things. So if you’re stuck without any spare, you’ve always got the Chocolate Orange Hi-Fi Light bars. You can have TWO of those for your Healthy Extra B choice (or 3 syns if you need your bread as well) and well… they taste like the real deal. At a saving of 50 syns over a full chocolate orange, it’s definitely an alternative I’m happy with and the nicest of the Hi-Fi bars, even beating the jammy wagon wheel replica that is Rocky Road.

So fellow dieters, what’s your go-to treat to stop you from binging on sugar and fat? Any strategies for keeping me on the wagon? Let me know in the comments. I have a wedding dress to get into you know!



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