Slimming World – The Five Best Savoury Snacks For Your Syns

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Disclaimer: I thought long and hard (about 20 seconds worth of internal debating, it’s a lot for me) about adding cheese to this Slimming World list. Cheese is godly and is the supreme overlord of savouriness, but I didn’t think it fit in this post. Perhaps it should have its own? Or perhaps it’s too good to trivialise on a blog. Go buy some and healthy A the F out of it. Thanks for the kcals, cheese.

Only love for the chocolate, Amy? No savoury snacking? Shame on you! You’ve, many times, heard my assertions that chocolate and crisps should be bed buddies and eaten together. Not literally at the same time though, gross. Just one, then the lovely other. This is why I’m fat isn’t it? Ah well; read on everyone…

Even if you don’t agree that chocolate should follow savoury, I’m sure you can appreciate the role that savoury is sometimes required to play… so I’m here. For you. With my tips. Choose your poison, I’ve listed mine in order of preference but I won’t be offended if you disagree:

1. Wasabi Peas – 4.5 syns per serving (25g)

Note I didn’t say peanuts. I mean, they’re alright but they kinda ruin the nut whilst also diminishing the wasabi. Keep ’em separate in my eyes. Wasabi peas though? Luscious. They’re hot, sometimes very hot like a tasty Russian roulette, but they deliver that heat in a different way to chilli heat. It’s warming and comforting and a little bit sweet. What’s best though? These things are better eaten one by one, so they last! With crisps, especially if I’m quite hungry, I’ll scoff and squeeze them in like a rotund hamster trying to win a rosette. Not so with wasabi peas. One serving, as syn listed, can easily last me 30 minutes and, frankly, should be lasting more than one sitting unless I’m on a greedy day. I love them.

2. Jack Link’s Sweet & Hot Beef Jerky – 3.5 syns per serving (25g)

I guess you could choose any beef jerky. But you’d be a wrong’un. This sweet and hot stuff really makes you feel like you’re having a treat. I know, I know, I’ve picked something ‘hot’ again, but it’s not ‘sweaty forehead’ hot it’s just ‘tingly tongue’ hot. It does make my mouth water though… be careful not to dribble in work, you don’t want that reputation following you around.

3. Bacon – free! Yep, 0 syns per serving (MANYg)

Get that fat off the edges. Yes, it’s depressing that we must do so; but we wobble. And the aim is to not wobble any more. If we can achieve that and still eat bacon between meals, I’d say that’s worth it. The trick here is to not cook it like you’re English. Cook it hard, high heat, until it looks like your Grandparents would bin it. Then let it cool, go crispy and pack it in your bumbag for a hard days work. Oh my God I love bacon. Also, I don’t own a bumbag but I didn’t know where else you’d store your bacon if you were going to not eat it IMMEDIATELY like some kind of fool!

4. Roysters T-Bone Steak flavour crisps – 7.5 syns per serving (28g)

Mmmm, steak. These things are occasionally at the top of my favourite crisps list (it’s an organic list, yesterday it was Spar Burger Bites and I’m feeling tomorrow will be a Worcester Sauce French Fries day). These are SO full of flavour though. Have you seen those fancy cooking shows where they use dehydrators to make powders out of things that entirely shouldn’t be powder? (shout-out to Great British Menu!) Well, imagine someone took a steak, smothered it in beef Oxo, added some flavour enhancer then powder dried the lot. Then add some Bovril paste for good measure. That’s how these taste. Concentrated bubbly cow flavour. Rich and deep and hints of oak and smoke and so on. Eat them.

5. Metcalfe’s Skinny Topcorn (it’s popcorn, they just can’t spell) Sweet ‘n Salt flavour – 6 syns per serving (25g)

Let me tell you, 25 grams of popcorn is so much more food than 25 grams of beef jerky – forget maths and science, it’s just true. You could argue that the flavour I’ve chosen isn’t strictly savoury but I’m the one writing this and I’m arguing that it is. Partly because the salt part overpowers the sweet part just enough, but mostly because I don’t know what I’d replace this entry with if I disqualified it. Probably more crisps, and that seems one sided of me. Take this as the ‘I’m going to the cinema’ / ‘I want to watch a movie’ entry on this snacky post. Just make sure you have plenty of Pepsi Max Cherry (the BEST drink on plan), or more sensibly water, because this stuff will dry your lips out like it’s trying to make Royster’s out of you.


My syns may be off, you’ll probably want to do some homework before you take my word for it (some have been found on forums, and one using the 20kcals/1 syn rule). Don’t blame me if you gain this week, blame Amy and her chocolate. I must admit though, her frozen Curly Wurly does beat out all of my suggestions. Damn her and her beautiful sensibilities.

My Pepsi Max Cherry comment has made me want to do a post about drinks too. Maybe another day. Stay tuned (do something else in the meantime though, I’m notoriously slow).

Got any other savoury go-to snacks on Slimming World? Any I’ve missed? Let us know in the comments!




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