Slimming World Weigh In – Week One

standard October 16, 2015 2 responses

We’re on the wagon again. Yes, back at Slimming World again. Attending our local group with the new addition (he isn’t being weighed though) and hoping to shed as much as we can before our wedding on 15th November. It’s going to be a busy month or so for us, but we are prepared and we’re documenting our weight loss journey here. Again.

So how did our first week go? Pretty well.

I shed 5 ½lbs in 7 days, whereas Wes managed a massive 9lbs. We’re under no illusion that it’s the first week weigh in effect but it’s still a great boost and hopefully it will spur us on to carry on this week without falling off the wagon. We are visiting my mum this weekend, but as she is also on Slimming World we shouldn’t have too much of a problem.

It’s been a bit like slipping into a comfortable pair of shoes. We know what to do, it’s just doing it that’s the issue. We are making decent progress however. We started buying chocolates that were on offer last week for Christmas and we haven’t touched them and despite being starving some days, we haven’t been tempted to jump online and order something greasy.

We’re also looking into investing in a pair of FitBits too (or something like them) and get into the whole exercising thing. I don’t have a buggy that will allow me to run with Mason (I daren’t try it with our Brittax Affinity, I have visions of both me and baby on the floor!) so we might have to do shifts.

Anyone else on the Slimming World plan fancy buddying up via blogs? Have you guys got any ideas for exercise we can do together whilst we’re looking after a tiny baby that doesn’t really nap? Any recommendations very much welcome!


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