Staying Safe As A Blogger

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If you’re already a blogger, you will know that although blogging can be a lot of fun, and even quite lucrative for many, it can also be scary and upsetting at times. When you’re putting yourself out there, there are always going to be people who disagree with you and go out of their way to upset you and make you feel like throwing in the towel completely.

Although you should never let these cowardly trolls who hide behind online anonymity stop you from doing the thing you love, it’s sensible to do what you can to protect yourself and stay safe as a blogger.

Here are a few things you can do:

Get a Virtual Address

If during the course of your blogging, you’re going to be doing anything that requires having your address out there in the public domain, it’s imminently sensible to get a virtual business address. Companies like physicaladdress offer a service whereby they will take delivery of your mail, scan it and send it to you in digital form. This, or getting a P.O. Box, if you want to accept goods as well as mail, is the best way to protect yourself from potential stalkers or malicious individuals who would wish to do you harm. It’s not common for bloggers to be targeted physically but it can and does happen, so do what you can to protect yourself.

Keep it Vague

It can be difficult, especially if you’re a lifestyle blogger to keep things like your location and the more sensitive details of your life a secret, but as far as it is possible, your aim should be to keep details of your private life vague. It’s fine to let people know which city you live in, but don’t giveaway the name of your street, or if you live in a small village, just state your general area, and it’ll be hard for people to pin you down.

Register Your Domain Anonymously

If you host your blog on your own domain, it’s a good idea to register it anonymously, so that people can’t look up your name and address on websites like Whois. Most domain providers now have an option for buyers to register anonymously, and it only costs a few dollars extra, so it’s worth doing.

Turn Off Location Services

Whether you’re posting on your website’s blog, Twitter account or using apps when you’re out and about, turn off your location settings. One careless post could let anyone out there know exactly where you are and what you’re doing, and this should be avoided as much as possible if you want to ensure your safety.

Don’t Use Personal Social Media for Blogging

Allowing your blog readers to follow you on social media is a great way to build better relationships and grow your readership, but using your personal account for this purpose is a big no-no. It will enable anyone who wants to do so to find out everything they want to about you and that could be dangerous. Set up a blog specific profile with few personal details instead.

I hope these tips will help you protect your privacy online. Stay safe and keep blogging!



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