Stressful Situations That Can Be Managed

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Life is full of stress and anyone who say it isn’t either is a very good liar, or is very good at managing and overcoming their stress. Being good at overcoming stressful situations can help you in a number of ways, one of which is your health. Being caught in the middle of a stressful situation can feel debilitating. When our minds and bodies get caught up, we can often find it difficult to see the way through the difficulties and find peace, which is exactly what stress intrudes upon – peace. As humans, we develop far better when we get into routines and feel comfortable, so when a situation arises that pulls us out of our comfort zone, it can be very difficult to turn it back around.

If you have a pet, you would see that when their routines get broken they react a certain way. Dogs start urinating indoors, they shed fur that usually wouldn’t be shed and they generally act erratically until routine and order is restored. People react in a similar manner to stressful situations, although there is often less shedding of fur! Everyone aims to feel safe, secure and happy and yet sometimes, this is just not possible. We cannot rely on everything that we are used to staying the exact same as we like. Things change, and while this is something difficult to overcome, we do often overcome them. Learning how to move forward and overcome stressful situations is not easy, but learning how to manage the stress so it doesn’t consume you is the key. So, what are the most stressful situations?

Losing Work

Being in a secure job and knowing the bills are being paid on time is a source of great peace for many people. The stress comes when you lose your job – however that happens. You don’t have to be fired for it to cause you stress; being injured on the job and losing work that way is also not easy. Finding a personal injury lawyer you can trust your work injury claim with is a good start for most, as it will help your financial losses in the long run. Losing a job can be a humiliating experience, especially if you haven’t ever lost a job before. Trying to rely on other ways to support yourself and blowing through savings you may have accumulated are both stressful things to cope with. You can turn things into positives by using the chance to find something new that you really enjoy. If you’ve been injured, using your time to job hunt and recover will be helpful for you in the long run.


The dissolution of a marriage that you had believed was for forever is a major stressor in life, even if it was your idea. It doesn’t just cause you stress, it causes stress for children in the household who have to go through the changes that happen with divorce. So, not only are you trying to manage your emotions, grief, change in routines and general shock, you are managing the children’s feelings, too. Expecting them not to act out if something changes is a bit of a reach, so be ready to intercept their reactions. Family counselling and distraction techniques like these can help.


There aren’t very many things that are certain in life, but death is something that is certainly guaranteed. The only thing we don’t know is when it will happen. When you lose a loved one, no matter how it happens, the recovery is difficult. Death of a loved one can lead to severe depression and shock, which are of course, natural reactions to such stress. Time is the greatest healer when dealing with death, although some people never fully get over the death itself.

These are just a few examples of major sources of stress in life, and these are among the worst sources of stress people have to cope with at one point or another. Even happy events such as weddings and migration can lead to stressful reactions, but at least these events are joyous. You won’t be able to encounter life fully without hitting roadblocks, but how you handle each situation will determine how stressed you feel. Almost all of the stressors in life can be turned into a positive and keeping a level head is important for continued harmony and peace.


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