My Sunday Photo: “Baby of Mine” – 8th January 2017

standard January 8, 2017 2 responses
Chester Zoo Elephants

So as part of my renewed 2017 blogging regimen, I’ve made a promise to myself to get out there more and start using our wonderful camera. This weekend, on a bit of a damp and dreary Sunday, we headed out to Chester Zoo to check in with some of the newer arrivals that have been born since we last visited. One of them was a tiny elephant calf that still doesn’t have a name. 

The weird thing about the Zoo is that the more rubbish the weather conditions, the more active the animals are. This was especially true today. They were loud and putting on a bit of a show. When we saw Mummy Elephant and Baby Elephant, Wes managed to get the shot that is My Sunday Photo for this week. 




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