Sunday Snapshot: Blogtober Day #2

standard October 2, 2016 1 response

Sunday Snapshot time! So today for Blogtober, we’ve been challenged to post an old photograph of ourselves and this is as old as I dare. So it might not be Thursday but we are throwing back to the golden year of 1992 (making me four years old!), the year I started school and this is the ragtag bunch I spent my formative years with. I remember the vast majority of them and I have a good number of them on Facebook. I think the teacher on the right still works in the same school teaching the reception classes too.

Primary school holds a lot of awesome memories for me (and some cringworthy ones) so I can’t wait for Mason to get there… I know I have a few more years to wait. Instead, I’ll leave you with this, the oldest picture I can find of me. I’m circled in pink, incase you struggle locating me among the headache inducing nineties fashion!

Happy Sunday!  



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1 response

  • Lovely photo, i’m sure some of your classmates will be so pleased to see this online!

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