Antenatal Classes: Newbies’ Experience Part Two

standard June 13, 2015 2 responses

If you’ve not read part one of our Newbies Antenatal posts, jump over here and check out our take on the first half of this wonderful experience. Today, we headed to the Countess of Chester for the final half of our antenatal class, before we were set out on our own to deal with the impending arrival on our own.

Getting there was already more of an ordeal than it should have been. Trundle to the car on a bright sunny morning to find that some really considerate and thoughtful (to be read “absolute idiot”) had parked her car directly in the exit of our car park. In full view of the eight or nine spare spaces she could have parked in, but nope… there was just fine. Our car horn was used more in the next ten minutes than I think it’s ever been used in the 18 months we’ve owned the car, and still… nothing. Wes got out finding the handbrake was firmly applied and we weren’t going to be able to shift it ourselves.

We were stuck in our own car park. Stuck and late. Brilliant.

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Antenatal Classes: The Newbies’ Experience

standard June 6, 2015 5 responses

We went to our first of two antenatal classes this morning (you can read about the second one here). It’s 6 hours in total learning about labour, pregnancy and what to expect when your little one finally arrives. I was in two minds about whether to bother with them, because you know, we have Google now so we practically know everything.

If you aren’t really familiar with what antenatal classes entail (I wasn’t until I got in there) you go with your birth partner if you can and you both get to learn a whole bunch of stuff about what’s going to happen to you both with the birth of your baby. Our class had about eight couples (nearly all of them due before me) who were all expecting their first children. We gave all our details to the course leader and she later e-mailed us with the numbers of all of the couples there. It’s now just a game of parental chicken to see if and when anyone dares contact anyone else (it won’t be me, I’m too awkward for that kind of thing!).

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