Slimming World – The Five Best Savoury Snacks For Your Syns

standard October 26, 2015 4 responses

Disclaimer: I thought long and hard (about 20 seconds worth of internal debating, it’s a lot for me) about adding cheese to this Slimming World list. Cheese is godly and is the supreme overlord of savouriness, but I didn’t think it fit in this post. Perhaps it should have its own? Or perhaps it’s too good to trivialise on a blog. Go buy some and healthy A the F out of it. Thanks for the kcals, cheese.

Only love for the chocolate, Amy? No savoury snacking? Shame on you! You’ve, many times, heard my assertions that chocolate and crisps should be bed buddies and eaten together. Not literally at the same time though, gross. Just one, then the lovely other. This is why I’m fat isn’t it? Ah well; read on everyone…

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Slimming World – The Five Best Chocolate Bars For Your Syns

standard October 22, 2015 12 responses

So, as you know we’re back on Slimming World and I’m forever rifling through the book to see what I can have when I have the intense cravings for chocolate, which is my biggest weakness next to takeaways. Believe me when I say I’ve done a lot of research in this category and here I give you the rundown of what I think are the best chocolate bars for your syns.

If you’re going to spend them, it might as well be worth it.

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Top Five Future Moments That’re Making Me Want To Skip The Baby Stage

standard July 9, 2015 2 responses

Yeah I said it. I see a lot of talk of new parent ‘baby’ excitement on the internet. A plethora of ‘firsts’ being looked forward to; giggles, words, steps, piano symphonies, whatever. I’m more about the long con. Babies are alright, I’ll love all of mine (yes I’m planning more already) unconditionally and will never see them harmed but I’m also fully and gleefully able to admit that for the initial months (years?) together they’re ugly, crying, demanding and expensive poop and vomit factories. What really warms my cockles is all the things I’ll be sharing with my son when he’s old enough to know that soiling oneself is neither fun nor remotely acceptable. Here are 5 things I literally do have to wait for (but don’t want to have to!) because we can’t skip the baby stage:

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Five Reasons I’m Sick of Being Pregnant

standard July 7, 2015 16 responses

So we’re less than three weeks from our due date and even though I’m still at work, this baby cannot come quick enough. We have known that we were expecting since November, so it’s a massively long time to wait to meet our little man and frankly I am now bored of being pregnant.

I can’t complain about the pregnancy. I’ve not been sick, I’ve craved nothing, I’ve not felt all that different and I haven’t even put on that much weight. It’s been ideal but now, I’m ready to not be pregnant anymore.

Here are my top five reasons why I can’t wait to go through the labour pains and welcome my baby boy to the world.

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Top 5 Baby Changing Bags for Mums and (more-so) Dads

standard June 13, 2015 9 responses

5. Babymoov Baby Star

Babymoov Baby Star

I’m starting out with the most girly on the list. I’ve justified it in my head though – it suits a baby boy, not (just) a grown woman. I can get away with it if it’s ‘for Mason’.

Bonus Points:

  • Transparent pocket for medicines n stuff.
  • Amy liked the style. Come on now, we’ve gotta be fair.
  • Large changing mat.
  • It’s not massive (actually, none on my list are but this is the bag that inspired me to keep away from the ones you could store your cricket bats in – there’s loads).

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