The Difference A Year Makes

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The Difference A Year Makes

We’re well into the “New Year, New You” phase of 2017. I’ve jumped on the bandwagon with my latest attempts to lose weight and jack in the takeaways. However, what I want to concentrate on this year is the things that people accomplished over the past year. The things that my fellow bloggers couldn’t do a year ago, but now can. Small wins, big wins, they all count in this post. It’s amazing the difference one year can make.

So if you’re still not sure whether to even bother giving it a go this year, have a look at a couple of these little tidbits that show you any goal is worth working towards.

So I asked a bunch of fellow bloggers what they can do now that they couldn’t at the beginning of 2016.

Let’s start with me…

I learned to walk in heels without looking like a newborn giraffe taking its first steps.

I got a new job at the end of the year which meant that I couldn’t just slob around in something comfortable, and had to start wearing proper office attire. For me, this meant actual heeled shoes. It took me a couple of weeks of pure hell, but now I’ve managed to competently trot around the office for a full eight hours in them. 

The other thing I can now do, is drive. Well, I’ve had my licence ten years, but at the beginning of 2016, I got my own little car to whizz around in. I now have a proper commute to work (it was four hours yesterday but it’s supposed to be around thirty minutes) and I occasionally run the odd errand in the evening. My car is called Taylor, by the way. Because it’s a Suzuki Swift. Geddit? Hah. I’m so witty.

It took a whole year but my 18 month old seems to finally be sleeping through more often than she doesn’t!

Beth over at Bamm Boo is making up for lost time because now, after a year of working at it, she can finally get a decent amount of shut-eye. Her 18 month old has finally mastered the ancient art of having a kip! Hooray! Here’s to a much clearer and alert 2017!

Make a decent coffee! It’s amazing the skills you learn after having a baby… I wouldn’t be without my lattes now!

So whilst Beth is catching up on sleep, Kirsty at Life With Boys is trying to stay awake and has done so by ingesting copious amounts of caffeine! I know when Short Rib was born I could barely find the tap, let alone have the strength to make a latte, so something is very clearly working in this household!

I learned how to illustrate using Photoshop. Have since illustrated and self-published 2 almost 3 children’s books.

Think YOU were busy in 2016? You definitely were not as busy as Kelly from Nature Mum Blog who not only learned how to illustrate in Photoshop (which is a feat in itself) but also publish TWO books, with a third on the way in 2017. What a year!

RELAX!! 2016 was such a stressful year for me and I really battled with my anxiety and panic attacks. It has taken such a long time but I finally feel as though I have learnt to relax and most importantly, to not sweat the small stuff.

Laura from Five Little Doves went entirely the opposite way and learned to unwind in 2016 which is an incredible achievement. Hopefully that means that this year will be a lot less stressful and generally a lot happier and healthier for Laura and her little doves!

I feel happy in my self after losing 3 stone last year. I am fitter, healthier and more confident for being 4 dress sizes smaller than I was in 2016

Twinderelmo’s Beth managed to do what I’m hoping to do in 2017 and shed a massive 3 stone over the course of the year. 2017 is set to be a year of happiness and self-acceptance after that huge achievement (that I’m totally spurred on by!).

This year I learnt how to use my camera off auto – mostly! I can shoot in aperture priority now. My goal for this year is to go fully manual.

So Hannah over at Hi Baby is clearly smarter than I am. I have tried so hard to figure out what our camera does… F-stops and apertures and all that kind of stuff. I still end up just fiddling with buttons until it looks kinda how I want it. Literally like a cavewoman with a camera. Mayyyybe you should post a few how-to guides eh? Come onnnn. 

I learned how to enjoy my girls without leaving the house or relying on anyone else.

Finally, my fellow Amy from The Smallest of Things has a very beautiful, lovely thing that she learned over the past year. After 2016 was totally rubbish for so many people, it’s super uplifting to see that people have still learned to just enjoy their loved ones and what they have, even amongst all of the chaos. 
So that’s it! That is what we bloggers can do now, in 2017, that we couldn’t do in 2016. Let me know in the comments what you’ve learned in this past year – I’d love to have a chat with you about all you’ve achieved and what you hope to accomplish in the year to come! 


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