The Mega Drive Made Me Who I am – Blogtober Day #6

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For Day #6 of Blogtober, we have been challenged to discuss our favourite Christmas or Birthday present. The challenge of this for me is picking my favourite. In part because I’ve had some really amazing ones, especially recently, and because I can’t remember most old ones. I’d love to be able to pick the advent calendar that Wes made for me the first year we were together, but it wasn’t really a Christmas present. So after a lot of thought, I’ve gone for the Mega Drive, which helped develop one of my main extra-curricular passions:

Video games.

I don’t remember how old I was when the Mega Drive appeared in our lives but at a guess, I’d say maybe six. I’d played an Atari at my grandparents house, not really knowing what I was doing but this different. This had a controller that I could properly get on board with. Bright colours and sprites that actually looked like something. This was… awesome.

The hours my brother and I ploughed into that little machine… it took us so long to complete a game that when we finally did it, we were beside ourselves. There was a greater sense of achievement in it than anything we’d ever done before. As time passed, the games got bigger, better and prettier – amazing me in brand new ways all the time. Making my brain hurt with confusing puzzles, or frustrating me to the point of smacking the power button in disgust. A competitive edge that before then, I’d never really had.

In time we were introduced to newer and better machines that amazed us more than our beloved Mega Drive ever could. For us, it was the Playstation which took over the Mega Drive as our console of choice. The old Sega was relegated to our grandparents’ house before being lost forever in the cupboard under the stairs.

Relegated but not forgotten.

Twenty years after getting my hands on it, my memories of the Mega Drive are as fond as ever. I’ve grown up playing video games of all kinds,  experiencing entertainment that satisfies me in a way no other media could. There were games that helped keep our relationship healthy when it was long distance and video game music was played at our wedding. They are a topic to bond over, debate and ultimately get very excited about. Gaming is a hobby which I will be actively encouraging Short Rib to participate in and for me, it all started with the Mega Drive (which is very aptly known as the Genesis in America).

Directly or indirectly, my love for video games has moulded a decent part of who I am today. My logic and problem solving skills have been honed in point-and-click classics with ridiculous puzzles. I have an affinity for computers and gadgets that can only have spawned from my love of computer games. Games made me laugh, cry, break things, be part of a team, make decisions on the spot and ultimately made me happiest when other things simply couldn’t. They stopped me from going completely insane at University. Brought my entire family together at gatherings with living room bowling tournaments and general idiocy. I am the person I am today because of how video games have been involved in my life.

That’s why the Mega Drive will always be my favourite, most important Christmas present I’ve ever received



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4 responses

  • I don’t think I ever had a Megadrive…I remember having a good old Nintendo 64, and I was always ‘borrowing’ my sisters gameboy colour. I think it was the playstation that truly converted me to video games though! I am so excited for the hd release of AC2 and FF15 next month. My partner and I have eagerly anticipated Dark Souls games too! #Blogtober16

  • Love it! We never had a games console as kids but I do remember playing Sonic the hedgehog at a friends house after school and thought it was completely amazing at the time. It’s interesting to think of what you have learnt from computer games.
    Sarah HP recently posted…Blogtober day 6 – My favorite presentMy Profile

  • My brother got a Mega Drive one Christmas and we used to play on it for hours too….It was such a great console. Sonic & Mortal Kombat were our fave games x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…My favourite present! #Blogtober16My Profile

  • I loved our Mega Drive. Sonic was my favourite, I’ve been trying to educate my children in the ways of old video games, not sure they “get” it though!

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