Today I Learned You’re Not A Baby Anymore…

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The most awesome thing happened the other night and having read this post from Rainbows Are Too Beautiful about their experiences of ditching dummies, and the learning curve it involves, I felt inspired to write about it. 

I read to Short Rib most nights (the exceptions being those odd occasions where he has flaked out earlier than we expected) and we have a bunch of books to keep him entertained. We started with Barry the Fish with Fingers, but we’ve moved on to a few more now. He loves it. He loves the voices but most of all, he loves the pictures.

At first, I thought it was just colours, but the other night I realised that my little Short Rib is growing up and the pictures aren’t just meaningless splashes anymore, but real things that are fuelling his imagination.

I was reading Monty’s Magnificent Mane, which as you may have garnered from the title, is about a lion. We’ve shown Short Rib real life lions on a few occasions (a weird perk of living next to a zoo!) and we’ve roared appropriately.

Today however, he recognised a lion.

And roared.

I laughed at him, thinking how cute it was. It was only later that I realised the significance of it all… how much he is learning and changing before my very eyes. If you had asked me two years ago whether I’d be excited that a one year old could identify an animal, I’d have laughed in your face and told you to get a life. Now? Everything he does seems to amaze me.

Short Rib is starting to learn to speak so the sounds he comes out with boggle the mind.

He’s been able to communicate, in his own little way, for a while. Now though, we’re getting words and… well, roaring. We’ve mastered the word “ball” and its associations… we’re kind of there on “mummy” and “daddy” though sometimes I think he refuses to say them just because he can.

I find myself, at the age of 28, constantly staggered by the amount that his little brain retains and how much he still surprises me.

He’s definitely not a baby anymore. Far from it.

We have ourselves a toddler, a bright, smiley and in a lot of ways, ridiculous toddler.


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2 responses

  • It’s bittersweet as they grow up isn’t it. I always find myself amazed at their new skills and missing those months previous when they were more innocent and less curious. They grow up far too quickly!

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