Top 5 Baby Changing Bags for Mums and (more-so) Dads

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5. Babymoov Baby Star

Babymoov Baby Star

I’m starting out with the most girly on the list. I’ve justified it in my head though – it suits a baby boy, not (just) a grown woman. I can get away with it if it’s ‘for Mason’.

Bonus Points:

  • Transparent pocket for medicines n stuff.
  • Amy liked the style. Come on now, we’ve gotta be fair.
  • Large changing mat.
  • It’s not massive (actually, none on my list are but this is the bag that inspired me to keep away from the ones you could store your cricket bats in – there’s loads).

Moot Points:

  • Price isn’t sky high, but it’s also not cheap.
  • It’s a make people will recognise, if you care.
  • It has all the usual features – insulated bottle compartment, dummy holder (we’re not using one, a post for another time perhaps), pram attachments – no bag is getting bonus points for the things we’d expect to be standard on a changing bag.

Nil Pois:

  • You’re not going to be re-purposing this style decision once the nappy phase is over.
  • If you can reuse it for a second child, great! But if you happen upon a girl you’ll no longer be ‘getting away with it’.
  • You will at some point pick this up by those top handles. Then you have yourself a handbag.
  • Did I mention the style?

4. Hauck Disney Baby Mickey

Hauck Disney Baby Mickey

Hidden Mickey? Well, not really but it’s close in that it’s Mickey and it’s subtle.

Bonus Points:

  • Well, what I just said if you’re a Disney fan.
  • It’s sleek and, frankly, doesn’t look like a changing bag.
  • The changing mat is machine washable. Which’d be great for, y’know, poop.
  • It’s only 14 cm deep, basically just a standard messenger bag modded into a changing bag.

Moot Points:

  • It’s not easy to find.
  • The price for this one is too high. Not much higher than number 5 in most cases but it’s basically a budget bag with Disney tax, I mean, tag.

Nil Pois:

  • Where’s the lowdown on this thing?? The Hauck website doesn’t list it, features are barely touched upon, reviews are non-existent and I’ve not yet found a decent set of pictures beyond the one above. That’s what ultimately knocked this one down the list, it could have been a contender.
  • If you’re not a Disney fan then this is just a black messenger bag. (see the honorable mention at the end)

3. Babymule Original

Babymule Original

Is a backpack more your thing?

Bonus Points:

  • Much easier to carry if you’re not used to a messenger bag.
  • More modern image.
  • Still attaches to a pram like all the others.
  • Plenty of room in there; you could probably squeeze an extra baby or 2 in, if needs be.

Moot Points:

  • It’s pushing the measurements slightly, click on that image and have a peek at the other promo shots. That woman can’t be that small.
  • The ease of carriage makes you lose out on the ease of access. Does it matter? That’s why it’s in moot.

Nil Pois:

  • The big blow for me? I’ve got a baby carrier. An expensive one. I’m not being strapped front, back and for cash.
  • £85?? It’s a bag! Granted, once I’d decided it wasn’t my first choice I didn’t hunt for the best deal (that’s my last stage of researching).

2. Diaper Dude Messenger with flap

Diaper Dude Messenger

Look at that image… that’s a pretty cool bag. Who’d even suspect a nappy or 2 was tucked away under that flap?

Bonus Points:

  • Plenty stylish. If a man bag has to be carried then this at least softens the blow.
  • Got things you want to keep in pockets? Sorted! Although best not to put screwdrivers and measuring tapes in them.
  • This thing has got your back, seriously. The flap, on the inside, has a checklist of things you need before leaving the house! My number one choice doesn’t. I’m a bit sad about that.
  • Great size.

Moot Points:

  • Diaper? Yeah, no.
  • Visible stitching doesn’t look great.

Nil Pois:

  • That checklist on the flap? It’s now your new worst enemy – don’t ever, EVER, forget an item on that list because “you’ve got a bloody checklist right under your nose, how did you forget the cream???”.

1. BabaBing Daytripper

BabaBing Daytripper

Merge 5 through 2 and what do you get? Well, not this bag, but not far off! A fantastic compromise on price, size, pockets, style and manliness.

Bonus Points:

  • It’s innocuous, but obvious. It doesn’t scream ‘I’m carrying Sudocrem and talc” but no one’s going to try to nab it hoping for a new laptop.
  • Ha, idiots, it totally could have your laptop in there – it’s the perfect size and shape. Bonus, see?
  • Once you’re done with changing nappies (forever, hopefully!) this could quite easily be reused. OK, you’ll need to patch that BabaBing logo but it’s small and the rest of the bag would be great for general use. And the bottle insulator? Get your hot coffee mug in there, or a nice cold Irn Bru! (I’m not Scottish, FYI)
  • OK, it doesn’t have the little flappy checklist but it does have tiny little icon tags on each interior pocket that tells you what goes where – pretty thoughtful still.
  • There’s a few different colours – grey (pictured and bought), grey with a dark grey stripe, truffle (dark brown? green?) and black.

Moot Points:

  • The changing mat is medium sized. Some would say slightly too small but I own this now, I’m protective of my purchases. It’s fine.
  • The grey we bought isn’t as light as in the image. It’s not far off but it’s a bit darker. Great for me, I prefer darker grey, but maybe not for all.

Nil Pois:

  • There’s a deluxe version of this bag. Same size, slightly different looks, a mobile phone pocket on the strap and circa £20 more expensive. Why is it more expensive?? I can’t help but feel like I didn’t get the ‘better’ one. I’m not paying that much to find out what it is though, so I’m assuming you’d be paying for the word ‘Deluxe’.


Honorable Mention

Toys R Us Changing Bag


Look at that mysterious image. I think Toys R Us may have a sleeper on their hands here. It could be an amazing bag, the reviews certainly seem to make it out that way. It’s plain, but definitely couldn’t be called unmanly. If you like my number 4 choice but can’t be doing with affiliating yourself with Mickey just yet then perhaps this is for you. Check out the features, the basics are all here:

  • Large internal compartment
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • 4 concealed front pockets under flap
  • Messy bag and change mat
  • Microban protected

Damn straight – Microban protection! Yeah, I’ve no idea either but it has it.

The real reason this is an honorable mention though? It’s £9.96. You can even nip round to your local TRU and have a fiddle first, if you don’t want to splash out blind.


I’ve seen Amy spend more than that on a candle, that she literally sets on fire until it no longer exists.

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9 responses

  • Gone are the days that I need a diaper bag….thank goodness. But truth be told I bought a jeep diaper bag that lasted through 3 babies. And I still throw stuff in it from time to time and even the hubby doesn’t mind carrying it. Great and informative post. Thanks for linking up with #momsterslink. Hope to see you again this week.

  • Well the tide is turning! Changing bags were always girly when mine were little enough to need them, I used my rucksack, some of these look pretty damn cool (love the messenger style ones).

    Thanks for linking up with #dadpostoftheweek

  • I like the bababing bag! 🙂 Ours have outgrown the baby bag now thankfully but we have had a few. We found the freebie huggies one great until it broke about 9 months in. We then spent a fortune on a big black, but more manly changing bag think it was bugaboo?? Just in case hubby took them out without me… ha! A friend then passed her old puka pod on to me and I loved that as it clipped on the buggy. #triedtested
    mummy m’s memories recently posted…Eurocamp Avant Accommodation ReviewMy Profile

    • Not speaking for Wes here (well, I sort of am because I know how happy he is with it) but the Bababing bag is fantastic. We presently have it jam packed ready and waiting for the new arrival. There shall be no girly changing bags in this house, I’m told! Nothing but pure manly fatherly goodness, even though the Paca Pods look fantastic! Thanks for visiting 🙂 x

  • Am I mean that I’ve never even considered buying Dave a man bag? He’s always just carried whatever I was using at the time and lumped it 😉
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

    • I figure that having a sulking baby will be hard enough. A sulking husband to go with it simply won’t do! Trust me, it’s easier all around this way! 😉

      • Wes

        Believe me, I’ll find plenty of other things to sulk about. That’s what men do best! And I’ll be teaching Mason all about it before he can even walk. 😉

        Seriously though, the ‘high’ from buying the bag has died down now, I need something new… I’m thinking this planetarium. Agreed?

  • My poor husband has to carry around my pink flowery bag lol. I am a big Babymule fan, their bags are so versatile. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested
    Kate @ Family Fever recently posted…Silent Sunday 12/07/2015My Profile

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