Top Five Gifts For Your Child’s Nursery Teacher

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On Wednesday, we got some pretty gutting news. Short Rib’s nursery key worker, who has been there since the day he got there, is leaving. It got me thinking about the whole teacher present thing (and I foolishly thought I would have a few years to wait) because she’s been amazing with him. We wanted to get her something pretty wonderful to say thank you for bringing our boy on so much in the eight months he’s been with her.

So, I’ve trawled the internet to come up with the best items for you guys to grab for your very favourite teachers to thank them for all their hard work with your little ones.


Wooden Gerbera Crate – Next (£22)

I think flowers are always a great idea – ones with fancy pots are even better and I’m a sucker for this palette box thing that is super trendy at the minute. For pretty flowers, you can’t beat this cute little number from next. It’s reasonably priced, it looks awesome and with Next you always know that the quality is going to be fabulous.


Butterfly Teal Deboss A5 Organiser – Paperchase (£11)

I love organisers – I think in a job like that of a teacher or nursery assistant which requires a lot of planning a forward thinking they are an absolute must. Paperchase has an amazing selection, but this one is not only very pretty and understated, but at the time of writing, it’s also reduced! Score!


Lamy Safari Fountain Pen – Debenhams (£17.50)

There’s so many good reasons to invest in a great pen. I love writing with fountain pens and I think they make an awesome gift for anyone working in a professional kind of setting. The Safari range by Lamy is awesome because you have so many options to be bright and bold, but they’re also just a great pen (I have one, so trust me on this). Also comes in a stylish box that is easy to wrap as a little Brucey bonus.


Zippy Mug With Biscuit Holder – TruffleShuffle (£9.99)

This is just… outstanding. Everything you could possibly want from a mug and more. This mug is a huge throwback to the iconic rainbow show, but with that added twist of having a tiny little compartment for your BISCUITS. GENIUS. And any self-respecting teacher who wants to sneak a snack back to the classroom will love you for this wacky but thoughtful gift.

postitKate Spade New York Sticky Note Set – John Lewis (£15)

Get in on this action. Everyone loves post-it notes, but teachers and nursery staff should adore this set. Yeah I know, it’s £15 for some post-it notes but the are properly gorgeous and are SO handy. Your child will immediately become favourite… even if they are too pretty to actually use.

So there are our five best gifts for the teachers and caregivers in your life that are a nice alternative to the usual chocolates and wine. I imagine the first two weeks of the summer holidays are a blur of sugar and alcohol for most teachers! Still, we’d love to hear from you in the comments about what you got your little ones’ teachers to say thank you this year! Are you a teacher? What are your favourite gifts to get!

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