Top Five Overlooked Disney Movies – Blogtober Day #9

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Overlooked Disney Movies

For Blogtober today, we’re looking at films that we never get sick of watching. For me, the answer to that are Disney films (I’m a massive Disney Nerd btw). That’s pretty much without exception, but I can’t write about all of them. Instead, what I’m going to do is provide you with a list of what are, in my opinion, the most overlooked Disney movies of the lot. This includes all of their Pixar stuff too.

Disney films are timeless classics, designed so cleverly to entertain adults and children alike – it’s amazing what you pick up on when you re-watch them as a parent. The innuendos (intentional or not), voice actors you actually recognise and an appreciation for the subtle details. These five films however, you don’t really hear too much of and that’s a shame, because they’re fantastic.

The Emperor’s New Groove (2000)

This is one of my all time favourite Disney films, which is why it makes me so sad that it’s on this list. The Emperor’s New Groove kind of got lost in the transition between traditional animation and the computer generated stuff, but it’s a real gem of a film. It’s one of the funniest productions I think Disney have ever created. The casting of David Spade as a talking llama is outrageously on point. The characters are really likeable, the plot is ridiculous and there are so many hilarious moments that so many people have missed out on. This film has been left in the dust of it’s more popular siblings, but you should definitely give it a shot if you haven’t seen it.


Big Hero 6 (2014)

Sure, it’s famous and it’s truly brilliant. It’s largely based on futuristic superheroes, which is all the rage now. So why is it on a list of overlooked films? Because when it came out, Frozen fever was still very much a thing (it came out a little over a year after Frozen did) and it got entirely swallowed up in the hype of its predecessor. That’s a real shame, because this film is utterly fantastic. The plot is up there as one of the more creative that Disney have thrown together for a while, with new characters that make a welcome change from the usual princesses and talking inanimate objects ala Cars or Toy Story.

So underrated is this film, that all the merchandising has gone from Disney stores just eighteen months after its release. It’s seemingly done and dusted. Just look at the trailer though, because you definitely need this film in your life.


Basil The Great Mouse Detective (1986)

It’s Sherlock Holmes in mouse form. Tell me what is not to like about this. Basil is a film from before I was born and it doesn’t boast well-known voice actors or top notch animation. What it does have is super catchy songs, a super fun re-imagining of a literary classic and one of the cutest cartoon dogs of all time.

The plot is out there, for sure, which is part of this forgotten classic’s charm. One of the more astounding things about this film, is that without it, Disney’s animation arm may not even exist today. With the box office failure of the Black Cauldron behind it, this film and its success, made Disney bigwigs realise that the animation was still worth pursuing. If this film hadn’t been amazeballs, Disney as we know it may not even be a thing. For that reason alone, you need to re-live this return to form.


The Rescuers (1977)

With Disney’s animation business now firmly back on track, we have another overlooked film with mice in it. The original Rescuers film was released back in 1977 and to be frank, the animation has not aged well. It definitely looks almost 40, but do not let that put you off. This story is straight up cute. Two little mice (one of whom is making the leap from janitor to super hero) on a mission to rescue an orphan after she’s been abducted. It’s a classic Disney adventure that seems to get forgotten about. A lot of really famous films that were coming out in the 70s, such as the Jungle Book and 101 Dalmations. But for some reason the mice didn’t have the staying power for the general public. We should put this right, because The Rescuers deserves your attention.


The Sword in the Stone (1963)

The final entry is another one that got a bit lost among the real ‘classic’ Disney era. A Disney version of the beginnings of the legend of King Arthur. The Sword in the Stone introduces us to one of the most charming characters they have ever created. No, not Merlin. Archimedes, the owl. If you want a pantomime in a Disney film, this is the closest you’ll get and it’s equally as entertaining. This has aged far better than The Rescuers, and the story is a relatable tale of triumph over adversity. It’s kind of tame and predictable, but it’s fun and historical. So there.


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Overlooked Disney Movies


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