Top Tech Gadgets to Calm Your Nerves While Driving

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Driving can be stressful especially if the traffic or weather is bad or you’re running late. If like me, you’ve had a long break before getting back behind the wheel, it can be a long time before you become completely comfortable behind the wheel of your car. Whilst you get there, it’s a struggle and can knock your confidence before you’ve even gone anywhere.

Being nervous while driving is not only uncomfortable, it can also distract you and make it harder to operate your vehicle safely. If driving sometimes gives you the jitters, these gadgets may be able to help. They’re also great if you just like to feel futuristic in your motor!

Dash Cam

In the event that you get into an accident, a dash cam can help clear up any controversy about who was at fault. While a dash cam won’t, of course, prevent an accident, it can reduce the stress caused by what happens after an accident. As a road traffic accident solicitor, I can’t stress enough how valuable these things are, especially if your offending driver isn’t being truthful – even if you aren’t involved directly, your footage can help prove the innocence of a perfectly good driver. I can’t recommend them enough.

Some dash cam models, such as the Z-edge dash cam, will even turn on automatically when you start your car, so once they’re installed, they do all the hard work themselves.

Mobileye 560

Mobileye 560 lets you modify your old car so that it has some of the smart safety features of new high-tech vehicles. The Mobileye smart camera can determine the distance between vehicles, sense obstructions in the road and detect your vehicle’s speed. It’s like driving a Tesla, but without the price tag. 

If it detects a safety issue, an audio alert system in the car will sound and a warning will display on the Mobileye dashboard. These added safety features can take a lot of the stress out of driving, especially in treacherous conditions.

Portable Jump Starter

You can’t always be sure that there will be somebody around to give your car a jump-start when your battery dies, especially if you’re in a remote location with a vehicle that’s good with off-road terrain like the Jeep Wrangler. With your own portable jump starter, you won’t have to worry, because you can jump your car yourself.

This portable jump starter from Suzuki features a battery that can jump a vehicle up to 15 times, according to the company. It also has a built-in flashlight and two USB charging ports for your phone or tablet.

Digital Tire Gauge

If you’re worried about your car’s tire pressure, this is the gadget for you. A digital tire gauge makes measuring the pressure of your tires easy and accurate. This one has a backlit display so that you can read it easily even at night. They’re fairly inexpensive as well.

Bluetooth Adapter

Even if you have an old-school vehicle, you can still have Bluetooth capabilities by using an adaptor. Just plug them into your stereo and connect your phone, and you can take calls and listen to music from your Bluetooth devices. This Mpow Bluetooth receiver even allows you to connect multiple devices, and you can use it for up to 10 hours on one charge.


If you really want to upgrade your car and make it a smart vehicle, try the aptly named Automatic. You just plug the little device into your dashboard and it can help you remember where you parked your car, give you information on your driving habits and call for help in the event of a crash.

The company has several apps that can help you track all of your driving data, and you can even connect the device with home automation systems.

Driving can become stressful for almost anyone. Whether you’re a typically nervous driver or just want a little extra peace of mind while driving, these tech gadgets can help you get on your way without all the worry.



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