Twenty Facts About Me – Blogtober Day #1

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So the wonderful Jo over at Miracle Max has tagged me in the 20 Facts About Me Challenge and since Day #1 of Blogtober is “Who Are You”, then I’m all too happy to oblige. Turns out I am boring, so trying to wring out twenty semi-interesting nuggets of information about myself was embarrassingly difficult. That said, I managed… so here you go. 20 things you may or may not know about me!

  1. I’ve got three tattoos. I got them very young and basically regret them all.
  2. I am petrified of injections. I’m getting better but still… ugh.
  3. I passed my driving test when I was eighteen but it took me nine years to get a car of my own. I can’t decide on a name though, it’s either Susie the Suzuki or Taylor (because it’s a Swift).
  4. I’m well into serial killer documentaries… I haven’t watched one in ages, because I’ve now seen all that YouTube has to offer.
  5. I didn’t have flowers at my wedding. Nobody seemed to notice.
  6. I’m a fan of professional wrestling. I don’t really watch it anymore, but if Short Rib takes an interest when he’s older I might just have to force myself back into it.
  7. I’ve only ever broken one bone. I was about three, stood on a bar stool and messing with a one armed bandit. Fell. Broke my arm. Never did it again.
  8. I’ve previously had my eyebrow, lip, nose and navel pierced. Not anymore though, because I’m a grown up.
  9. I play World of Warcraft! (See! Grown up!) It’s what we do of an evening when Short Rib is in bed. I won’t bore you with the details, but I love it and it’s just as involved as the memes would have you believe.
  10. I’m fairly sports mad, with one really notable exception of football. I couldn’t care less about it and thankfully, neither can Wes. Definitely hit the jackpot there.
  11. I didn’t pick my own wedding dress out. My family didn’t either. The girl in the shop wanted us to “humour her” and try one on. Bought it. I’m clearly incapable of figuring out what suits me.
  12. Wes and I got engaged at Chester Zoo. It was super cute on a little bridge near the Red Pandas. Oh and surrounded by a couple of hundred Brownies who witnessed the whole thing and yelled ‘Congratulations!’ at us afterwards. That was a bit surreal.
  13. I don’t have my appendix anymore! You can read more about that here.
  14. I desperately want to go to Disneyworld. Wes has been a bunch but not me. We’re hoping for 2018 before Short Rib goes to school…
  15. If you’re buying me a drink, I’ll have a boring ol’ vodka and diet coke please. None of that fancy shite.
  16. On that same note, please do not give me Prosecco. It’s vile.
  17. We always planned on having two kids… but now he’s here, we’re pretty sure Short Rib will be the only one (and that’s totally cool!).
  18. If I could try any Olympic sport, it would probably be rifle shooting (though I was handy with a javelin when I was at school).
  19. My favourite animal is a penguin.
  20. We’re getting a tiny Pomeranian when we buy our own house. It’s going to be my housewarming present to myself. Wes will just have to deal with it.


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