Weirdest Cute Animals – Blogtober Day #11

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weirdest cutest animals

Today’s prompt is a bit of a weird one for Blogtober… the challenge has us talking about our favourite type of animal. It’s difficult for me to pick out my favourite animal in general because I fluctuate between about four. There are all the usual picks like dogs, cats etc. but I like to go a little bit more exotic. I live right next to a zoo after all.

I have a few weird favourites. Not typically cute but ultimately I love them. So, in true to form fashion I’ve created a list of my top animals that are strangely cute…


Piglet Squid

Did you even KNOW there was such a thing as a Piglet Squid? Why has this thing never made it into a Pixar film? It is a squid, yes I get that but it’s a freakin’ adorable squid. I’m not sure if they normally smile, but this one does. I’m not hard to please, but come on. Don’t you just wanna squish him?



I went through a brief period of trying to convince Wes that we should own one of these. It didn’t work. “Fish tanks are too much hassle” was his reasoning. He’s sort of right, but still. Look at him. His cute bright red hairdo ala Chuckie from Rugrats… what’s not to like? I may well still get one. When the husband isn’t looking.



I didn’t know that this is what they actually looked like. Until I was about sixteen, I assumed that Knuckles (THE ECHNIDNA!!) of Sonic The Hedgehog fame actually bore at least a faint resemblance to the animal he was supposed to be. Alas, he does not. I’m not even sure Echidnas even have knuckles. The real thing are far cuter though. I wouldn’t suggest giving one a cuddle, but they are super cute.


Sunda Flying Lemur

I quite like lemurs anyway – I once had a wildlife experience that included feeding them. They weren’t interested in the slightest. The group before us had fed them, so they had not inclination to come near us. Nevertheless, they are cute but these ones (that can’t actually fly) are ridiculous. It’s those eyes I think… someone get me one to keep Short Rib entertained?



If it’s good enough to be David Attenborough’s favourite animal, it’s definitely good enough for my list. The pangolin is the world’s most hunted animal, for it’s pretty scales no less. How you can bring yourself to murder these, I’ll never know. They are just adorable, as well as being tough as nails. It’s had an original Pokemon modelled off it’s likeness, its babies ride its tail. When stood up, they hold their hands together like they’re waiting for you to finish speaking. SO ADORABLE.


So there you go! Five of the weirdest cute animals on the planet. Which is your favourite? Got any I’ve missed (there are so many, it’s ridiculous). Let me know in the comments! 



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