Why Write A Blog Anyway? – Blogtober Day #7

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One week into Blogtober and it’s time to reflect on why my blog is even a thing. I often ask myself why I decided to write a blog and the truth is I was having a baby and I was bloody excited about it! My family live 80 miles away, so I thought it would be a good way to keep them updated but since then, boy has it grown.

The Mighty Duxburys is now just my soapbox, for me to just write about whatever the hell I want. I don’t care that my plugins tell me that it’s hard to read (although if you’re having trouble reading this, let me know!). The fact is that I just like writing and if people enjoy reading it then even more reason for me to do it.

When I first started, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t understand how much there was to it. Gone are the days of LiveJournal and emo teenagers telling everyone how hard their life is. Now there’s promotion to be done for the blog and brands to work with. I’d never call myself an influencer but apparently, that is what I am because of this! People make a full time wage off of this stuff for crying out loud! I had absolutely no idea.

But here I am, having dipped my toe in and out of the water, dive-bombing into the ocean of bloggers. We used to blog under the name “Mum’s The Law”, but over the past few months I’ve been falling out of love with the name. It was supposed to reflect my ‘real’ job and that it was a parenting blog, but it’s gone a bit beyond that. I’m now happier with it. The Mighty Duxburys reflects the family nature of the blog, not strictly parenting. Annnd it’s a play on The Mighty Ducks, which is pretty cool.

I am probably the smallest of small fish, but as a hobby it’s hard work and satisfying in equal measure. The world of blogging has some truly amazing people, who are always super eager to help out and give back, sharing opportunities and tips. I love having my own little bubble where people can find me and have a nosey at my ramblings. Hopefully they’re pretty coherent but sometimes it’s just a mess.

So why blog now, a year after Short Rib was born?

Well now, we’re on a proper adventure watching him grow from that tiny baby to a little boy and I’ll be chuffed if my posts make just one fellow mum smile. 

And long may it continue I say. Thank you to my hubby co-blogger* and my blogging buddies who make this a blast. We’ll probably be around a year or so more to see what happens!

 *who needs to pull his bleedin’ finger out.




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